Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All I Can Say Is

Wow. What a great weekend. The Maundy Thursday service was powerful in its own way. As I walked down the hill following the service, it struck me that there is really nothing quite as powerful as a group of believers simply reading scripture. No commentary, no sermonizing, no explanation, no "how does this make you feel?" Nothing but voices in (somewhat) unison reading the sacred stories, going back 3000 years, telling again the story of the Last Supper. There is something to be learned here.

Sunday morning was spectacular. After enduring rain all day Saturday, we woke to a beautiful dawn, the sun breaking over green hills to warm up the clear blue sky. As we gathered early at Penrose Point, a bald eagle held court high in a fir tree overhead. The sunrise service was held beneath the sun, rather than the clouds of years' past. And the crowd - around 80 people showed up to gather close around the fire and hear again the story of the first Easter morning. Many hung around to enjoy the morning long after the service ended.

For the last few years, we've offered an Easter breakfast, consisting of pastries and fruit. This year I challenged the church to do a full breakfast and see what happened. So they did. . .and close to 100 people showed up to enjoy ham, eggs, and french toast. yummy french toast, I might add.

Then the service was wonderful as well. In keeping with ancient tradition we held a baptism, we rejoiced in our risen savior, we heard again the power of the gospel, and at least one person accepted new life in Christ following the service. It really couldn't have been a better day.

Oh, and it ended with a small herd of deer grazing in our field, under a light rain, as evening fell upon the land.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for showing once again just what happens when you show up.

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