Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've been "alone" for a week. And out here on the Key Peninsula, alone can mean alone. It can mean going a whole day without talking to another human being. It can mean going most of a day without seeing another human being. It could be very lonely.

But I've been too busy to notice. A trip to Cascade's Camp last Thursday, a busy church day on Sunday, a trip to Seattle on Monday, dinner with friends last night, going back to Cascade's for the Annual Meeting of the North Pacific Conference tomorrow through Saturday. . .people keep asking me how I'm coping, and they don't seem to believe me when I say "fine, really. Don't worry about me." In fact, I still don't have time to do all the things I'd like to do - read some books, practice my mandolin, take a long bike ride, sit on the deck and enjoy the evening, wash the Jeep, weed the flower beds, beat Pac Man 2 on the PS2, take a drive up to the mountains. . .

Not that I don't miss the girls. The house is quiet, meals are a little lonely, our bed seems so empty. I miss playing with Clara, and working in the yard with Olivia. But it's not like I'm moping around feeling like the world has come to an end. And I hear that the girls are having fun hanging out at Nana and Tata's house, looking forward to a trip to Mexico this weekend.

So, to all of you who care, know that in spite of the fact that the women in my life are all in California on vacation, I appreciate your concern but, I'm doing fine. Really.

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Kim said...

Glen and I kid around that when the other leaves for an extended time, the one left at home walks around bumping into walls for the first day or so.

Glad you're enjoying some "Dan Time".