Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Small-town Politics

Suddenly Lakebay is famous, for all the wrong reasons. . .

A local fire commissioner was jailed after a fight in which a fellow commissioner was attacked with a coffee mug, apparently the latest incident in a long-standing feud.

The commissioners, 71-year-old Allen Yanity and 64-year-old Jim Bosch, both of Lakebay, got into a heated exchange Tuesday during a break in a meeting as they were standing with their wives, sheriff's Detective Ed Troyer said.

Yanity bashed Bosch repeatedly on the head with a coffee mug, Troyer said.

It's like watching kids on the junior high playground. "I'm gonna get you!" "Oh yeah? Well I'm gonna get you!" "Betcha couldn't!" "Betcha I could!" "I dare you!" "I Double-dog dare you!"

Honestly, I would expect better from adults. But this isn't my first experience with one of them, and in our last exchange he acted just like the same petulant little kid. And people say the kids are messed up. It's these guys who worry me. . .

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