Friday, April 13, 2007

We got the call

It came a couple weeks ago.

Way back when, about 12 years ago, long before I knew Karina, I decided it would be good to share some blessings around. So I signed up to sponsor a child through Compassion International. Really, why wouldn't anybody? For a buck or so a day, a human being gets to eat, go to school, have regular medical care, and grow up with hope, rather than hopelessness.

They gave me a little girl. I wrote her a letter, she wrote back. Then, about a year later, I got a letter from Compassion, stating that this particular girl had left the program, much to their regret. But would I be interested in a new person to sponsor? Of course I said yes. And so began our relationship with Tanairi, a young girl in the Dominican Republic.

And then we got the call. It seems Tanairi is all grown up now. She's graduated from the program. She's actually going to college to study business. She no longer needs our sponsorship. And are we interested in another child to sponsor?

Compassion suggests you write one more letter to say goodbye and God be with you, and then cut the relationship. They discourage the sharing of personal information, just so nobody ends up with people at their door saying "Hi! We're here from Nigeria! Can we move in now?" So we get one final letter, and then that's it. It seems so sudden and so forced, but I see the wisdom of their advice.

May the Lord bless Tanairi as she moves into her adult life; may she make a difference in that land in Jesus' name. It's really been nothing for us to support her; in fact, it is a blessing to know that the Lord used us to help this little girl climb out of poverty and take solid steps toward independence and self-sufficiency. We simply pray that the Lord remains first and foremost in her life for now and for always.

And by the way, we've already been given a young Kenyan boy; I think he's about 10. And now we get to write another letter, one that will begin "Hello! We are glad to meet you. . .

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