Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Great Sermon Experiment

I've decided to do an experiment for the summer. I'm going to call it Online-Collaborative-Sermon-Making.

I'm going to preach the lectionary texts over the summer. Somewhere around Tuesday of each week, I'll post the texts for the next Sunday's sermon (the Sunday 1 1/2 weeks out), along with a few comments on said text. I've invited a number of people from our church to join me in reading the texts and my comments, and then responding with their own observations, questions, ideas, illustrations, and the like. I will then take all those pieces into account when I put the sermon together in the next 10 or so days.

I've already asked 5-6 people to be a part, but all who read this blog are welcome to join in the conversation.

I think we'll begin next week. This Sunday is Pentecost, and the next Sunday I'm going to do something dealing with Creation, as Spring is hard upon us and Summer is almost here, so the lectionary texts would begin June 10. Which means I'll post the first texts, with comments, next Tuesday.

I look forward to allowing extra voices in the process. It'll be up to all who are part of Lakebay (i.e. those who actually hear the sermons) to decide whether or not the experiment is a success.

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