Thursday, June 21, 2007

Annual Meeting Blogging

As it turns out, the Jantzen Beach Red Lion Inn has free wi-fi, so I can blog from inside the Annual Meeting. Now if it was only as exciting as most political conventions. . .

I walked in the hotel lobby and saw Gary and Marilyn Peterson. We went to lunch at Taco Bell. While we ate, in walked the Patersons. And I've already seen quite a few other friends around. Nobody from Turlock yet, although Karina and the girls were supposed to meet the Dockters this afternoon.

The Ministerial Association Annual Meeting is beginning right now, with the reading of the standing rules of order. Let the fun begin (wish you could be here, Brad?)

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Brad Boydston said...

Yes -- I'd love to there! But I'm currently on a free wifi connection at a hotel in Singapore. Let's see -- Singapore or Portland? Singapore or Portland?... Can't be two places at once.