Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As if we needed more on generation gaps

Yesterday the members of the Key Peninsula Pastor's Association were enjoying a pleasant lunch out on our church's back deck. The discussion turned to building projects, and the 'joy' of working with all the various county and state agencies. Said one pastor, "It's like working with the Keystone Cops."

Shift focus to the lone youth pastor at the table. Notice his perplexed facial expression. Hear his query: "The Keystone Cops? Who's that?"

Listen to the wind blow through the trees, the solitary chirping of a bird high overhead, the moment of pregnant silence as everybody else realizes the enormity of what just happened.

I answer: "They're pre-'A-Team.'"

He: "Ahh, okay."

Wait a few more minutes for the universe to regain its equilibrium.

Somewhere, off in the distance, hear a gentle whimpering as the 20th-Century flows further and further away.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's just too sad! (Susan)

Brad Boydston said...

Pastors whine about working with government planning and inspection departments in the same way that college students whine about dorm food. It's a nearly universal phenomena.

People who work in the construction industry put up with these departments on a daily basis during their whole working careers. We just enter into their world when we have a construction project. And, of course, because we don't realize how the system works (multiple inspectors who are paid to contradict each other, who tag things that have already been approved, and who find "problems" after plan check...) we tend to think that they're picking on us.

Russ said...

Dan are we really that old?