Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Curse is Lifted, or , "I'd forgotten how good that felt"

I average 3-4 ballgames a year. When I lived in Ontario (California), we'd go catch the Mariners every time they came to play Anaheim, and if UW had a game at USC or UCLA, we'd be there. When we lived in Portland, we'd come up to Seattle a couple times a year to see the Mariners play. And when we lived in Turlock, we'd head over to Oakland, usually to see the M's play the A's, although I went to at least one A's vs. Rangers game. Last year, after moving to Seattle, we made it to Safeco near the end of the season for one game, and last Fall my brother got us tickets to see the Seahawks and the 49ers play at Qwest Field.

And why is all that important? Because, for over 10 years and all those games, EVERY SINGLE GAME I attended the team I was cheering for lost. I saw the M's when they had Griffey, when they won 116 games. I saw the Huskies when they had some good football teams. I saw the Seahawks one year after they went to the Super Bowl. And for over 10 years I ALWAYS went home disappointed.

Until yesterday. When Seattle beat the Red Sox 2-1 in the bottom of the 11th inning, when Jose Lopez hit a double that Manny Ramirez barely missed catching, sending Ichiro home from 1st. And for once I could leave feeling great about the game.

Add to that the 43,000 festive fans, a sunny afternoon at the park, a wonderful pitching gem, some tense moments of drama, some highlight-reel catches, spending a day with my dad and my oldest daughter, and the fact that it was the Red Sox and not some sucky team like the Rangers or Brewers. . .

It was a very good day, and a lovely way to lay that losing streak to rest.

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Kent said...

Sucky Rangers? We're only 16.5 games out of first place right now..I'll have you know.