Friday, June 29, 2007

A Few Items of Note

- Covenant Pastor Eugene Cho has found himself in the midst of "the gay debate" over on his blog. Eugene is one who really is trying to be sensitive, culturally-savvy, and open to all people in the name of Christ. Unfortunately, to many on "the other side," if you don't say "I'm 100% supportive of homosexuals in every possible way," then you're am intolerant fundamentalist bigot. His post and the comments are worth plodding through, just to understand where people are coming from.

- One more thing to worry about in Lake Tahoe: Disaster Tourists, showing up to gawk at all the "excitement." Must feel good to be sitting in the ruin of your home, mourning your loss, when up pulls the SUV with all the looky-loos jumping out with their digital cameras and video recorders.

- Horror story come to life. Hackers breaking into your cell phones. Using your cell phone camera to spy on your life - what you're wearing and eating, when you're sleeping. Switching your phone off and on. And maybe it starts when you download ringtones off the internet?

- I'm not buying an I-Phone. Just so you know. Didn't want to stand in line for it. Oh, plus I don't plan on doing business with AT&T any time soon

- And Finally, Dan's Friday Random 10. #s 1-3 all seem to fit the rainy mood outside pretty well. #4 is probably the only song dealing with Alzheimer's/Dementia I've heard. #8 I saw Laurie and Tom do live in the old theater in Newman, CA. And #9 I used to listen to when I worked in the purgatory of Christian Retail, just to keep my sanity.

  1. In a Lover’s Eyes – Jim Brickman
  2. Jesus Paid It All – Fernando Ortega
  3. Goodnight Irene – George Winston
  4. Silent House – Dixie Chicks
  5. Waiting in Green Velvet – Joshua Kadison
  6. There for Me – Sarah Brightman
  7. Mildred Madalyn Johnson - Fernando Ortega
  8. Just a Lie – Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum
  9. Body and Soul – Susan Ashton
  10. 40 West – Infamous Stringdusters

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Anonymous said...

I'm not going to buy an I-phone either, mostly because they cost way too much. However, I was "in love" with them until I heard you HAD to go with AT&T. We had AT&T way back when, then switched to Cingular ("the new AT&T). We left for someone better, only to hear that Cingular is now AT&T. Again. Confusing. And their service was, well, terrible. What's the point of having an I-phone if you can't use the phone? (Susan)