Thursday, June 07, 2007

How to measure a life

You know, there are a lot of ways to measure a life - net worth, impact on others, accomplishments, places visited. . .the list is endless.

I was thinking the other day, what if a person's life was measured by their injuries?

Mine would look something like this:
- Broken arm from skateboarding accident
- Broken arm from bicycle accident
- Broken finger from football game
- Sprained knee from dogsledding accident
- Severely Sprained knee from mountain climbing accident
- various scars from falling down mountains, falling out of trees, decorating the Christmas tree

Other than that last one, I'd say that's a pretty impressive list. I guess I've done some pretty fun stuff so far, and at least it hasn't killed me yet. What would you put on your list?


Kim said...

1)Stitches in left thumb in 1st grade - dropped a glass jar on the back steps.
2)Broken ankle in 5th grade from ice skating
3)Several broken toes growing up - stubbed them on various pieces of furniture, etc.
4)Sprained both ankles too many times to count over the years - times I can remember are playing volleyball, walking down the stairs, walking across the driveway, stepping on a large acorn, walking across my yard...yada yada yada...
5)Sliced the tip of my finger off after dropping a glass baking dish in my sink

So - in conclusion - nothing interesting, I'm just a royal klutz! LOL!!!

roshni said...

1.a hardened lava rock fell on my finger when i was four- my dad carried me through wright park to the TG ER. 9 stiches?
2.i broke my arm jumping out of a bicycle baby seat in germany when i was ten. the girl driving the bike was chasing boys and i was sure she was going to kill us, but i was the only one who got hurt!

minor stuff. i'm pretty intact.