Sunday, June 03, 2007

One Glad Morning

I know, I know. God always shows up. Well, in point of fact, God is always present, so saying he "shows" up isn't exactly accurate. But sometimes the veil is lifted a tiny bit and we know, beyond a doubt, that God is present with his people.

This morning the worship was transparent enough to hear the angels singing. I wasn't sure how things would go, as we threw in a brand new song and a couple that are new within the last year or so, but the Body stuck with us and carried the worship to new heights. By the time we reached the end of "This is My Father's World," the rafters were lifting and the Spirit was moving. Later, for the second time since coming to Lakebay, I received a round of applause at the end of the sermon. I don't take credit - I just trust the Word struck a chord and people were moved.

And one more thing. Shortly before the service I was in prayer with two men, and I felt led to pray that any spirit of divisiveness, anger, or dissension would be forced from the building. At that exact moment, the one person who, this morning, was most prone to cause any division or dissension stood up and left the building in a hurry, no explanation given.

I think the Spirit cleared the way to move, in answer to a simple prayer, and we were the richer for it. Praise be to God.


russell said...

Dan...I always read your blog and never comment since I am able to call or email you. I loved your message and the Creation Song was appropriate . I think satan was working overtime trying to derail the wonderful work our Great God was doing not only in our kids but also in the adults within your wonderful congregation. I prayed Sunday morning after the incident I briefed you on and asked God to direct me in dealing with the conflict in personalities. 1 Corinthians 3 was put in my mind...divisions in the church. Interesting huh? By the way the young man apologized before the great service.

We had a great time and I look forward to getting together at the annual meeting - time permitting of course.

In HIS Glorious Grip,


Linda Anderson said...

One prayer covers all! I didn't know about the prayer, but it took care of my issue as well. Isn't God awesome! Thank you for your continued faithfulness to lead by the Spirit. Many blessing upon you. Linda

roshni said...

worship last week was amazing, and really good this week too. sometimes i think i'm going to lift off myself (until i hit something with my flag and am quickly transported back to the balcony). the new song is so good and thanks for the nature focus. i sometimes think people take me for a sort of forest pagan and it's nice to have some fellow appreciators in a God focused way.