Friday, June 15, 2007

Positive Signs

Lakebay, like all churches, has its struggles. I would say we have had more than our share of struggles over the last 15 months (which, coincidentally exactly parallels my tenure here). Some would say it has known more than it's share of struggles over the last 5 years. But. . .all churches struggle, all organizations have their ups and downs, all Christians face good times and bad. So we're not going to dwell too much on those hardships.

What I find interesting is this: since late last year, Lakebay has lost some of its biggest givers to death, to moves, to differences of ministerial philosophy. Since late last year, Lakebay has lost a number of members - some have died, some moved, some were unwilling to follow the leadership of this church.

Yet late last year we welcomed in 5 new members, last month we welcomed in 6 more, and I just finished a New Member's Class with 5 more interested men and women. Our latest quarterly report shows our giving averaging about $2000/month more than our spending. Our attendance has been steady, our visitor flow remains strong. Our worship the last few months has been powerful. We've seen direct answers to prayer time and again, even in the last weeks.

And I know this - I have never known a healthier, more spiritually-driven board than the one that is now leading this church. God has raised up a healthy leadership, which truly extends beyond even the board. We have people serving in all sorts of places, leading in their own ways in our various ministries inside and outside the church.

Yes, I am sorry for those we've lost. I miss those who have passed and moved on. I grieve for those who, in their anger, have refused to hear God speaking to them. But God is up to something here at Lakebay, and I, for one, am thrilled to be a part of it.

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Eugene said...

very encouraging to hear.

often times, great seasons of fruit result after struggle and pain.