Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sermon Response to a Call to Mission

We believe that God’s desire is the redemption of the whole earth.

We believe Christ came to make the offer of redemption to every person on this earth.

We believe that, through his Holy Spirit, Christ is still at work, undermining the kingdom of darkness and replacing it with the Kingdom of God.

We believe there are still many in darkness, who desperately need to see the love of Christ displayed in their lives.

We believe that we are the primary visible source of God’s love today.

We believe that God wants to use us, his children, to call the lost home, to proclaim freedom to those in bondage, healing to those living in the shadow of death, hope to the hopeless, love to the broken, the way home to all who are lost in sin.

God wants to use me. God wants to use us all.

We go, then, into the world, offering our very selves in service to the King, that they may know the life in abundance we already possess. Amen.

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