Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday finale

Since Russ asked in the comments below. . .

The discussion started regarding whether or not there is an Age of Accountability, and if so, what is it? That led to a discussion on original sin, which led to the old question, "what about those who never hear about Jesus? What about the pygmies in Africa?"

I stated that just perhaps, God's grace is big enough that some of them MIGHT be saved, if they respond appropriately to the light God has given them. That Romans 2 seems to say that people who don't have the Law are judged separate from the Law. So therefore, I would leave the door open to the possibility that God might judge some of them righteous. Of course, their salvation is still won by Christ's work on the cross - he paid the price of sin. They just may not be aware of that piece until they meet Him, finally.

So now, in the eyes of the doctrine police, I'm saying that everybody who follows their own religion is saved, that the cross didn't mean anything, that all the wiccans will be saved, that John 3:16 is a lie. I'm now a universalist, a christian humanist, I'm saying that the Bible is a lie and that God is just an happy old fuddy duddy who will let anybody who happens to be nice in the door.

So there you go. You can tell me if you think I'm a heretic. Hope I don't lose my Covenant Credentialing, just because I happen to believe in a Big God who offers Big Grace, which is sometimes beyond my understanding.

Friday Random 10

I'd almost forgotten that Switchfoot was on my playlist. They never seem to come up. Unlike Alison Krauss, who seems to show up here every week. I was in a James Taylor mood earlier this week, so nice to have him show up again. And somehow Delirous stuck their head in the door twice this morning. Interesting to have #s 6 and 7 together, as they are both old spirituals redone by modern musical masters.

  1. On Fire – Switchfoot
  2. Ebo Walker- - The Dillards
  3. Up On the Roof – James Taylor
  4. Rompe Spreza – Kathleen Battle
  5. O Lead Me – Delirious
  6. We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Bruce Springsteen
  7. Soon I Will be Done with the Troubles of this World – David Crowder
  8. The Scarlet Tide – Alison Krauss
  9. Still Here Waiting – Todd Agnew
  10. Hands of Kindness – Delirious


Brad Boydston said...

But God, you HAVE to judge the Ninevites. The inerrant message that you gave me to proclaim in their midst was that you were going to judge them. Done deal! Now you've backed down from that claim -- you're showing them mercy -- and making me look like an idiot. How can this be? They're not even Jewish! I knew you'd do this God, you're way too gracious for my taste.


-- Jonah

Kim said...

OK - So I'm a lowly layperson, but I don't think that Ninevah is a logical analogy to the "pygmies in Africa" scenario. The Ninevites HEARD and responded. The argument about the pygmies (why does it always have to be pygmies?) deals with people who have NOT heard - so what of their salvation. Am I correct?

Lindsmartsen said...

I guess you're just in the same ranks as that old heretic C.S. Lewis. Haven't they ever read the last book in the Narnia Chronicles, where a character who worshipped Tash, not Aslan, ends up in heaven. I guess they never got that far.
I've always thought that perhaps the parable of the talents spoke to this - the part where the master says, "So you knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I have not strewn."