Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Items of Note

+ There will be no Great Sermon Experiment post this week, as I'll be away on July 15. Lakebay's own Harvey Roberts will be filling in to preach that day. For what it's worth, this is the first Sunday since we arrived that I will be away from Lakebay, that's not related to church business. Only the third Sunday we've missed altogether - I was gone in January for the Confirmation Retreat, and last September for Family Camp at Cascade's Camp. Finally, we get a real vacation.

+ Ben Witherington has written a book about baptism. He summarizes the work over on his blog. He's bound to upset and challenge believers on both sides (infant vs. believers) which is why probably just about everybody ought to read it. It will be soon added to my Amazon list.

+ I finished "To Continue the dialogue," the Mennonite book regarding homosexuality and the Church. It was perhaps serendipitous that just as I was finishing it, I began following the discussion over at Eugene Cho's Blog (see a couple days ago). The middle of the book gave me more of what I was looking for - both in firmer theological work, and in the scientific work as well. My mind is spinning off in a number of directions, and I need time to process. Don't read more into that than is there. I haven't changed my position on the issue; in fact, that's part of the struggle. I've reached the point where I don't believe I will change my mind. The scriptural texts are too clear on this one. But. . .how to maintain a spirit of grace in the world we live in. Must we demand that "they" must change their ways before being allowed into fellowship within the Christian church? How to live in that place of mercy and grace, believing and teaching that a certain activity is sinful, while allowing time and space for the Holy Spirit to do God's work in individual lives? That is the tough part.

For the time being, I'm moving in a different direction. Next on my book list is "Eat This Book," by Eugene Peterson. His opening image is powerful - the Bible is not primarily a book we read for instruction, a book we read for devotional thoughts, a book we read for theology; it is primarily a meal we eat. And like food is digested into nutrients and minerals that make their way to the furthest reaches of our bodies and eventually become us, shaping and forming us, so too are the scriptures to dig deeply into us and form us as we ingest them.

+ Friday Random 10. #2 I saw live - it's the reason I bought their album. #3 is off a wedding album some friends gave us. #7 is from the Cold Mountain soundtrack. #8 is off one of my all-time favorite christian albums. Unfortunately, after this album Nashville got ahold of Bebo, and he's been merely a shadow of his potential ever since.

  1. Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart) – coro e Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
  2. North to Alaska – Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum
  3. You’ll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins
  4. Hurricane – Mindy Smith
  5. Beautiful Dream Visions – Sara Masen
  6. Meant to Be – Jim Brickman
  7. Sitting on Top of the World – Jack White
  8. Selwood Farm – Bebo Norman
  9. Get Me Through December – Alison Krauss
  10. I’ve Found Jesus – Delirious?

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