Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Great Sermon Experiment, Week 7

Texts for Sunday, July 29
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Colossians 2:6-15
Luke 11:1-13

The Colossians passage is a wonderful statement of christology - going into great detail in explaining the work of Christ. However, as Paul often does, the theology is heavily invested with "this then is what you should do."

The Luke passage gives us Jesus, teaching his disciples about prayer. You'll note Jesus gives pretty explicit instructions to his disciples that they need to be asking God to meet their needs. God is not shy in giving his children what they need.

So, to my faithful responders:
- So what? What do you take from these texts that will affect your life?
- How are believers called to respond to the teaching in these two texts? What are we being asked to do?
- When have you had a specific need met, after taking it to the Lord?
- Paul's explanation of Christ's work is pretty dense. Essentially, he's saying "don't let human rules get in the way, because that's exactly what Christ freed you from." Why is that so important?


Shad Gates said...

It looks like this week was not a week of much response. Neither do I have one. Please pray that our house will sell and we can get back to a regular routine and not have to take care of two houses. We're very near completion of this project and the last few weeks have been the most exhausting.


Cleaver said...

Sorry for the late response,Most of this has been in my notebook for two days, here we go!
For me personally the affect has already taken place. I was lost and now am found. Being brought up in catholisim many rules and regulations were required to be a "good " catholic. The deceptive philosophy,being taught by believers who were only following what they were taught.Iam not saying this was all bad, for I did learn to believe in Our Lord, Jesus Christ just not in the way I understand Him now.By this I mean I have the openess to accept the Holy Spirit and allow Him do do wonderful things with my life.
As believers we are called by the word to live our lives as Christ lives in us. Our salvation is thru Faith in Jesus Christ. Christ gave everything for us so we no longer need to live under sins power.
The statement as to when have I had my needs met should be turned around. I believe God meets all our needs we just do not always agree with how they are manifested to us. This is the power of belief that we trust in the LORD.


Linda Anderson said...

Well, I don't feel so bad to know that I'm not the only one behind this week. Although you are probably already well into your sermon prep, here is my thought as well:

The concept of Col 2:6&7 is the importance of continuing in the faith and actively seeking to grow spiritually, all the while having an attitude of gratitude to God. This attitude helps to keep us focused on Him, rather than on the things of the world around us. And that, in turn, helps keep us from being easily swayed by the fads, televangelists and fanatical groups around us--or even those who simply have a part time faith or practice of convenience and want to drag us to their level for company.

In the Luke passage we see Jesus leading by example that caused the disciples to seek instruction on how to pray. "Lead by example" is the desire and practice of our leadership at LCC, as well as by those who walk in the faith and exemplify Christ in how they live.