Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I wonder if I should be concerned

I checked the stats for this blog earlier today. Of all the keywords people use to get here, scripture references are in the majority.

Hits include
- children's sermons galatians 5:13-25 and luke 9:51-62
- galatians 2:15-21 sermons
- luke 9:51-62 sermons

and a few more like that. One could interpret this to mean there are a lot of people out there looking for sermons by other people. Trying to 'borrow' them, perhaps? Or just looking for inspiration? You decide.

Oh, and at the bottom of the list (#13), this little doozy:
- turlock prostitutes

I don't even want to know about that one.

1 comment:

Kim said...

*snork* - sorry, that was funny. Tea through the nose...