Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Picture Time!

Around 57 years ago, my father rode his bike across the brand new Tacoma Narrows Bridge at its Grand Opening Celebration.

So, last Sunday, in keeping with family tradition, I took the family over to the Grand Opening Celebration of the New-New Tacoma Narrows Bridge. We walked from one end to the other - the first time I'd ever walked from Gig Harbor to Tacoma. Then, because of the nature of such things, we had to walk all the way back.

Here we are, getting ready to brave the crowds.

We felt very welcomed.

Thankfully, they had a lot of security, to ward off any terrorists.

This is what the towers look like up close.
Handy item: If people ask "how tall are those towers," you can say "About this big."

Quick: What Song is Clara Re-enacting?(Hint: Think Johnny Cash)

Then, just to keep the fun going, I took the family over to Northwest Trek yesterday. I went once, when I was pretty young (maybe junior high?). But this was the first time for the kids.

We saw a moose. . .
And many bison. . .
And a lot of Elk. . .

And some River Otters. . .

And some wolverine cubs at play. . .

Plus we saw some bighorn sheep, and some herons, and a turtle, and a couple bears, and some foxes, and some wolves, and an owl or two, and a lot of other animals. It was a good day.

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Russ said...

the last time I went to NW Trek I got in a car accident:( love the pics of the girls...I wonder how many people took the same perspective picture, you holding the upright between your massive manos. Hey, was it really windy and of course the burning question...did you spit off the side? Love ya bro, can't wait to get up to Lakebay paradise again.