Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nothing is Sacred

One thing about having kids around: you quickly learn that nothing is sacred. That new watch you bought three weeks ago? They'll drop it on the tile floor, rendering it useless. That favorite picture book you got for Christmas a couple years ago? They'll rip off the cover and write inside of it. And that car that was so shiny and new a few years back? Now the trunk is scuffed from the times they've climbed up on it, and don't even look in the back seat, with its ground in Cheddar Bunnies and pretzels. Your 25-CD changer you bought, in order to listen to all your CDs? It's now full of "101 Silly Songs" and "Disney's Greatest Hits," while all your CDs seem to have disappeared. The ipod? Somehow your song list is replaced with "Bible Songs for Kids" and "Irritating Songs Kids Seem to Love To Hear Over and Over and Over again." With kids, nothing is sacred.

What about all those vacations, trips, excursions that were planned? Gone with snuffy noses, upset stomachs, and random fevers. And the photo albums you use to remind yourself of when you actually could go on vacations? Somehow half the pictures have gone missing.

The couch cover, which was bought to cover the kool-aid stains and pen markings, now has a big hole in it. The computer is overrun with "Herbie Saves the Day" games. That bead necklace you bought in Mexico is scattered all over the living room floor. Your keys have disappeared.

Your plant is dead.

Truly, with kids, nothing is sacred.

Or, maybe the truth is this - with kids, nothing is sacred, except for them.


Kim said...

"Irritating Songs Kids Seem to Love To Hear Over and Over and Over again."

Um, yea - got one of those in my van cassette deck...not to mention, it's also VBS week and since I'm leading the music, it's been playing almost non-stop for 3 weeks. ;-)

But yea, I could relate to everything you wrote. I agree - not only are my kids sacred, but so is the time they have to just be kids - as is the time I have to enjoy every single minute of it. :-)

Linda Anderson said...

When my kids were growing up, someone told me that parents can plan on three sets of furniture in their lifetime: the things they start out marriage with, the set they raise their kids with and the nice stuff they buy for their retirement! (wonder if that person ever thought about grandchildren!) When the kids are grown up, you will think of all these "unsacred things" and smile, laugh, praise the Lord for the time and the memories.