Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rant of the Day

The Church Report (tag line: Real News. Real Issues. Real Solutions) just released their list of the "America's 50 Most Influential Churches."

This was my response:

It may be cliche, but I wonder what God's list of the 50 Most Influential Churches in America would look like? I know of a faithful servant or two out there, serving in extremely difficult situations, that would never make this list, but I think God might still be using them for his purposes.

A couple observations:
- Of the 52 smiling faces on this list, 48 are white. 4 are African-American. Hispanic? Asian? Native? They don't even show up.
- Of the 52 smiling faces on this list, 52 are men.

Really, what is the point of even making a list like this? If all we do is to the glory of God, why are we bringing glory to man? If God's ways are not our ways, and if in the Kingdom Less truly is More, then why are we handing out accolades to the "More"? This reeks too much of David counting his Mighty Men. This reeks too much like Fortune-500 lists of "the most influential companies in America." In the end, it sends the message to the world that we really do care about numbers, and size, and technique, and celebrity. In other words, world, we're just like you, and we've decided to play by your rules.

End of Rant


Kim said...

Um, yea - I'm with you. I visited their blog, too. Did you read about the nominations they're looking for, and then the comments section? Check it out...see if it makes you go "hmmmmmm...."

Re worship music & stuff. What do you mean "since you've moved?" I'm confused. Granted, confusing me is no great feat, but just the same - what did I miss? LOL

Kim said...

OK - worship/music resources. Honestly, my worship planning staples are all the standard Word stuff, the red & green Maranatha books and 2 hymnals (The Covenant one and Word's Celebration Hymnal that I like better, actually.) That said, I have two words and then one word for you. Song Discovery. Internet.

Worship Leader Magazine's Song Discovery is a valuable resource for recordings and charts of new worship material. The internet has just sheer volume of recordings and charts available. If you hear a song you like, more often than not you can find a chart for it on the internet.

My personal favs...check out musicnotes.com and covarts.org. There are others, but those are the 2 I visit most often at the moment.

There is one more place - MySpace. If you don't have a MySpace yet, just do it. Check out www.myspace.com/etxmusic for an example of how easy it is to get original music out there. There are thousands of Christian artists just starving to get their material into the hands of churches. A lot of really good material!

OK - enough for now. My point is, there are music resources everywhere - you just gotta know where to look for them. I've never relied on a Christian bookstore for worship material.

Peace. -Kim