Thursday, July 05, 2007

Snapshot from the Fourth

I took Olivia over to Penrose Point for an hour or so yesterday afternoon. We parked the Jeep and walked a forest-shaded path out to the Eastern beachline. From there, we wandered north toward the tip of the peninsula. Along the way we discovered jellyfish, crabs (dead and alive), barnacles, and cool-looking rocks. To our right Puget Sound fell away, with Mt. Rainier rising over Steilecoom in the distance. A C-117 from McChord AFB circled lazily over Tacoma.

We passed the final bluff, giving us full vision of the northern beach, and there, about 20 yards away, sitting atop a large boulder, sat a Bald Eagle, gazing north across the Bay. We stealthily approached, but he saw and flew to a further perch. So we stood and watched him, as he kept one eye on the water and another on us. To his right, a heron waded slowly along the shoreline.

Eventually, we made to walk closer to the Eagle, and got within 30 feet or so, but he decided that was enough and flew into the forest to our south. I told Olivia how special this was - seeing America's National Bird on America's birthday.

She was more interested in the clam shell she'd just found. But it was wondrous, just the same.

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