Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Big Box

The Amazon box showed up this morning. Some things I'm a little excited to see:

Take this Bread, by Sara Miles

I'm not expecting to agree with everything she says. I'm not expecting to accept her position on a few things. . .but I've heard she is worth listening to, so perhaps I'll learn something anyway.

Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton

I know. You can read it free online. But still, I prefer something tangible in my hands, something I can mark up and go back to in years to come.

Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community, by Wendell Berry

I actually bought this book once before, then loaned it out, and never got it back. His chapter on gay marriage is worth the price alone.

The Crime of Living Cautiously, by Luci Shaw

I've read a lot of Luci's poetry, but not so much her prose.

What the Light Was Like: Poems, by Luci Shaw

Speaking of Luci's poetry. . .

The Genesis of It All, by Luci Shaw

It's a kids book, I suppose. Telling the story of Creation with sweeping pictures and poetic language.

There was also some music in the box.

A New Standard, by Steve Tyrell

He's the guy who sang all the jazz standards on the Father of the Bride soundtracks.

Chaotic Resolve, by Plumb

One of my favorite Christian singers of all time. A little techno, a little rock, some powerful lyrics, a strong voice. . .

Heart of the Heartland, by Peter Ostroushko

He plays mandolin with the Prairie Home Companion band. Beautifully.

Dream Big, by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band

I know nothing about them.

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