Wednesday, August 08, 2007

But in happier news

Yes, the reunion was a good time. At least for me it was. I think most would say the same. And I needn't have worried about recognizing everybody. Even after 20 years, faces and names clicked almost instantly. Of course, having a class of 32 helps - by process of elimination, you can pretty quickly figure out who is who.

As I said earlier, there are those in the class who are struggling right now. Some in the midst of ugly divorces. Some trying to raise kids across great distances. Some have lost parents recently. Some have struggled but never had kids. On the other hand, some are really doing well. Great jobs, healthy marriages. One spent years as a missionary with her husband, who is now on staff at a Covenant Church in L.A. One is doing a Masters in Spiritual Formation (Hey Diana).

It's amazing how, after all those years, you can instantly go back to that place of friendship and start talking about the deep stuff of real life. Friday night I had a couple of good conversations. Saturday morning we laughed a lot as we cleared some brush at the school. Saturday night, for me, was about three conversations - one on the boat to Tillicum Village, one on the boat ride back, and one as we stood on the dock saying goodbye. Three heart-to-heart conversations with people still searching for some answers, people in some deep pain. And it felt good to sit under the setting sun and share in each others lives.

One more thing: There were 6 of us who went together from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Four were there Saturday morning, when our former Kindergarten teacher showed up to give us a tour of the school. We got a picture of the 4 of us with our teacher. It was a quick moment, over in a (literal) flash. But so much was wrapped up in that moment - 33 years of history together? Something like that. And the fact was, we're all doing well; we all shared a laugh. One of those made-for-TV moments, only without Celine Dion screeching in the background.

Yes, the reunion was a good time.

Oh, and this: Brent told me that they were talking later Friday night, and everybody agreed that I won the award for aging the best. I suppose that's a good thing. Some vindication there.

My one hope is that a few of these relationships can carry on. I need some old friends in my life.

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Gracie said...

Awww. I'm all nostalgic. Sounds like I missed out on a great time. Thanks for the recap.