Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Finale

Why I Love this job:

It's the moments like Saturday, standing on a breezy hillside, standing under the sun, wedding a man and woman who obviously love each other, surrounded by family who love them deeply, and knowing you represent a God who is manifestly pleased with all that is happening there.

Or it's the tough conversation that led to significant resolution of an inter-personal conflict.

Or it's being able to share in the journey of a person seeking some answers to questions they've held onto for so many years.

It's the quiet moments when I can actually pick up a book and delve into some of the greatest mysteries of eternity.

It's the person who sticks their head in the door, asking if they can come chat for a moment.

It's leading people to prayer, when world issues seem to crush our faith in goodness.

Yes, life is painful, life is tough. I become exasperated and angry, just like everybody else.

But I was reminded a couple of times this week exactly why I do what I do, and why I'm glad to do it.

Today's Random 11

"Everybody else's only goes to ten, but mine goes to eleven. So mine's better"
"But, see, you've just crossed out the ten and made it an eleven."
"Right, but mine goes to eleven, and their's only goes to ten."
"Ah, I see."

  1. Leaving You – David Wilcox
  2. Come to Me – The Elms
  3. Dreamland Express – John Denver
  4. A Mighty Fortress is our God – St. Olaf Choir
  5. In Pace – Sarah Brightman
  6. Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill
  7. Vivaldi: The Season (Spring: Largo – Itzhak Perlman
  8. Sink N’ Swim – Plumb
  9. Never Finish – Leigh Nash
  10. Percy Grainger: The Merry Wedding – Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra
  11. Montana: A Love StoryGeorge Winston

1 comment:

roshni said...

how come you get a top 11? i want a list of my own!
anyway, number one today is
nina simone- "feelin' good."
2. Glósóli- sigur ros
3. sprout and the bean- joanna newsom
4. storm- bjork
...i spose i don't get a whole ten- certainly not 11!