Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lives of the Rich and Famous

Over the weekend, the Tacoma News Tribune ran an article on the Rev. Casey Treat and his Christian Faith Center, one of the Puget Sound Area's larger churches.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the Rev. Treat has been growing his church steadily over the last 20 or so years. It's gone from a small group of 30 people to a 10,000 member operation happening on multiple campuses. It's mostly been built on the Rev. Treat's charisma, and his ability to preach messages that people like to hear.

I could quibble with his theology, since I think he's preaching a gospel that, well, isn't exactly accurate. But for today, in this public space, I'm not sure I feel like throwing any stones.

Instead, I just thought I'd point out what his typical Sunday looks like:
At 9:30, The Rev. Mr. Treat is leading the service at the church's Everett location, while the Rev. Mrs. Treat (Casey's wife) is leading the service at their SeaTac location. Following the service, the Rev. Mrs. Treat climbs into a Mercedes to be driven to the local helipad, where she boards a private helicopter and is scooted up to Everett. There, she gets out and the Rev. Mr. Treat is flown back to the SeaTac campus, and they each then lead the 11:30 service from their new location.

I feel worn out just reading about it.

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Brad Boydston said...

What do they do when the weather makes flying impossible?