Thursday, August 16, 2007

What I don't want for Christmas

Once I bought a Bible stand from a christian publishing company. Actually, I think it caters more to the Catholic crowd. Now I'm continually getting emails from them, touting their wonderful new Church-Themed products. This showed up today, much to my amusement.

If you look closely, they say "Jesus is my wake-up Call."

Then, there's this one:

That's Santa adoring Jesus, in case you didn't figure it out.

Or, how about this one?
In the catalogue, this is called the "Be Still and Know that I Am God Mug." Now you know God's secret last name.

"The name's Mug. God Mug."

Honestly - does somebody somewhere really think this stuff is actually helpful? Or do they just know they can make money off of artistically-challenged Christians? Does somebody sit in a design studio, pray for inspiration, hit upon "Jesus is my wake-up call" and think "Oh yes, this will be a blessing and witness to the millions of coffee drinkers out there!" Or is there some guy named Art, sitting before an I-mac, half a pack of cigarettes gone, pounding his head against a table shouting "I just need something so I can go home for the weekend!!!!" And this is what he comes up with, slams it out in 2 minutes, emails it off to his boss and goes home to his lonely life.


roshni said...

alongside a kenny G. record, these gifts make a perfect Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

I received a catalog selling the "Be Still and Know that I am God Plaque". I always wished they actually made it that way - at least then I'd know the funny was intentional. (Susan)