Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes, I'm Glad

I am rejoicing that all remaining Korean hostages have been freed. This is a moment to celebrate. It is an answer to prayer. This could have turned out much worse. At moments, I expected to turn on the news and hear they had all been killed. I am sure the relief felt by them and their families is overwhelming. Praise the Lord.


what troubles me is this line:

"Seoul also said it would prevent South Korean Christian missionaries from working in the staunchly Muslim country, something it had already promised to do."

I'm wondering how the Korean Church feels about this pledge. On the one hand, it got their friends and family home. On the other hand, it effectively removes any possibility of being God's ambassador in that land that so desperately needs God. Could the Church ever agree to a deal that stands in the way of doing Kingdom work anywhere in the world?

Gospel work is never safe. When God calls, he doesn't promise health and freedom from harm. Sometimes God calls Christians to very dangerous places. Many Christians pay the ultimate price. I'm sure the Korean missionaries and their families are thrilled that this incident is over. But will the price paid for their freedom be worth it?

We'll have to wait and see.

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