Friday, September 21, 2007

Too busy to blog

I'll be out of town most of next week, so that means 2 sermons to write this week. And an article for the church newsletter. And meetings all day yesterday. And contacts to make for our Nominating Committee. Lots to do, lots to do. Which means, no more here for the moment. And by "the moment" I don't mean months, or even weeks. Just nothing today except this note, telling you that there is nothing here today.

And to let you know that next week we are heading out for 5 days, finally celebrating our 10th anniversary.. As part of our trip we get an overnight train ride and a couple nights up in the mountains. And grandma and grandpa get the kids. It all seems to be working toward a wonderful week of relaxation and bliss. . .


Karla said...
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Karla said...

woops. I just wrote a comment and then somehow, I deleted it right after. It went something like this:
Shoot, dan. i was hoping you had an email, i didn't have to take up comment space. Well, you do have a link to an address, i think, but my computer didn't know how to open it. :)
i just read your comment on Diana's blog, and i read your blog some now and then. i appreciate the way you think. i just wrote a post about my 3 year old son, and how he told me that we should knock people over and throw stones at them if they are mean to you. I was confused, because we teach him differently...but then he clarified, saying, "we hafta, because that is what God helped the little guy to do the giant guy, so we hafta throw stones and knock people over!" (He is always trying to figure out the rules of life...) :)
And although this is funny, it is also really disconcerting. I can't quite figure out how we should be teaching our kids about the OT. How do we tell them to try and befriend the mean kid....and that we don't react to violence with violence, and then, in the same day, we read them stories about Jericho and Goliath, etc? What have you done to bridge the OT and the story of Christ's love? How's that for a suggestion for a blog post? Or my email is I know you are a busy guy, so don't feel forced into answering this right away, but i know you have young i figured you've wrestled with this some....thanks.

Lori said...

Bon Voyage Whitmarsh's. Have a blessed time of togetherness. We'll miss you, and we'll pray that God will bless you on your trip!