Thursday, October 11, 2007

Congregational Response to a Sermon on the Importance of Studying God's Word

We believe that God has spoken to his people in the past;
We believe that God still speaks to us today.
We believe that the story of our God is written within his Holy Word,
The Bible, God’s gift to God’s people.
We believe life is illuminated, Truth is revealed, Hope is restored,
God is known through his Word.

We commit, therefore, to the study of this book – the stories of our
spiritual ancestors, the history of God’s work in this world –
in order that we may live lives pleasing to God, obedient to his call,
worthy of serving him in our world today. Amen

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Beth B said...

Thanks for posting this, Dan I'm forwarding it to my husband Steve.

BTW I always enjoy your comments on ABET and especially appreciated your recent thoughts on Halo 3. God bless you!

--Beth Bilynskyj