Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dearly Beloved

Perhaps by now you've seen the article about the couple who had their wedding presents stolen by the minister who married them. Since they were remodeling their kitchen, they asked for Home Depot gift cards. Only, after their many guests left, there were only three such cards in the gift basket. After some sleuthing, they determined that most of the cards had been lifted by one Rev. Shey-Rima Silveira, the woman who had married them.

Of course, the way the story is being portrayed, the emphasis is on a "minister" who would do such a thing. I think there's another point here.

This is what a police officer said: "If you can't trust someone to officiate over your wedding, who can you trust in this world?"

But you have to understand the context. This is not their minister. This is not the minister of the local church, even. I don't know that this minister is even connected to the Church. Instead, this was a woman who advertised her services on Craigslist, saying her specialty is "last-minute weddings." So now, the undiscerning public sees this as a case of another minister gone bad. But in reality, this has less to do with the minister and more to do with a gullible bride and groom. Imagine if I needed to have some remodeling done, and, rather than going with the licensed and bonded contractor I went with the guy who hangs out in front of the coffee stand in Key Center with the "Will Work For Food" sign. After he does a horrible job and costs me a boat load of money, would it be right for me to say "If you can't trust construction workers to fix your house, who can you trust?"

Or course not. This woman needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. And everybody else needs to learn, once again, that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Plus, people might do well to learn that a relationship with a local church is much healthier than trying to buy their religious services off of Craigslist.


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By the way, as I'm reading blogs & such this morning, I'm also enjoying a cup of Peet's (per your suggestion many moons ago) and I'm officially a convert! :)