Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dreaming of Christmas

A couple weeks ago I asked some friends for some advice. I was looking for some new Christmas music to include in our worship at Lakebay. If you know me, you know I'm a pretty traditional guy when it comes to Christmas. You don't mess much with Christmas, if you want to keep me happy.

But, our church has a fairly contemporary feel, which means suddenly shifting to the traditional carols, done in a traditional manner, can be a little bit of a hiccup. I thought finding a new song or two might be worth investigating.

One that came highly recommended was the Hillsong Christmas album.

I checked it out, and discovered they have a couple Christmas albums. I ordered this one:

And I don't know. Maybe I bought the wrong one. I'm a little surprised, because Hillsong tends to be edgy. This is a lot more like Smooth Jazz Christmas. Seriously. I kept waiting for Kenny G to jump in with a solo. There's just way too much electric piano, 7th chords, and silky smooth jazz voicings. I don't mean to be mean. . .but most of this sounds like what you play in the background at your office Christmas party. I don't think there's anything on here I would want to use. I'm not sure I'll want to keep this album around once this year is over.

But there are a couple more on the way, so maybe I'll find a nugget or two in one of those.

On another note, the Fed Ex guy just showed up with a box that looks suspiciously like a new guitar. . .gotta run!

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MilePost13 said...

don't know if you read my post about Mercy Me's "The Christmas Sessions"'s seriously that good.