Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Random 10

I think I need to create a new playlist for rainy fall days. Some of these fit, but some just don't. Somehow crashing power cords and upbeat drum cadences aren't appropriate on days fit for down comforters, hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace. Or maybe I'm just trying too hard to refrain from putting on Christmas music.

#1 is perhaps my favorite version of this song, especially when JD drops out and lets the audience since the chorus in his place. It takes on a poignant communal atmosphere, all the more meaningful ever since his voice was silenced. #6 - why is David Foster showing up so much these days? Someday I'll have to tell you the story of my depressing days on the Prairies. This is the perfect soundtrack to that cold, lonely place. #7 is the newest to this list off the most recent of these albums. It's a nice bluegrass pick, off an album that is growing on me. We listened to it a lot in Montana, so it makes me want to go on vacation again. And #10 is, like #1, a live version that is much richer than the earlier studio recording. And a good song for Thanksgiving, I think.

  1. Back Home Again – John Denver (The Wildlife Concert)
  2. Oh Lead Me – Delirious? (Deeper: The D:Finitive Worship Experience Disc 2)
  3. Family Man – Andrew Peterson (Love and Thunder)
  4. Wounded Soldier – Dennis Jernigan (This is My Destiny)
  5. Made to Worship – Chris Tomlin (See the Morning)
  6. Just Out of Reach – David Foster (The Symphony Sessions)
  7. Cazadero – Chris Thile (How to Grow a Woman from the Ground)
  8. Drugstore Jesus – Plumb (candycoatedwaterdrops)
  9. Lost Mind – Diana Krall (Love Scenes)
  10. Come and Listen – David Crowder Band (The Best of Passion (So Far) Disc 1)

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