Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Stuff

It's been unseasonably cool up here in the Puget Sound Area. They've already had an early snowstorm in the Cascades. This is what Mt. Rainier currently looks like:

The ski areas must be salivating. For the moment, we're just enjoying lighting a fire in the woodstove every evening, and curling up with a good book or DVD.


About 6 years ago I bought a guitar. It was the first guitar I'd ever purchased for myself. I told the guy "I use this for youth work, so I want one that sounds okay, but one I won't be afraid to take on a beach trip, or down to Mexico to play in the dirt." So he sold me the $100 special. And it served its purpose well, although I sure seemed to break a lot of strings on it. And it is impossible to keep in tune - usually after 10 minutes or so, it's no longer in tune. But I was using it for leading worship at youth group, where tuning is less important than loud. So, yes, it did what it was supposed to.

But, it's time for something new. I've developed as a player since then. And my desire to get better has only grown. So, like the day I turned in my $100 trumpet for the $300 one, it's time to upgrade.

Yesterday I went to my favorite online music store, and purchased this:

It's a Fender acoustic/electric, in case you can't tell. The Sonoran SCE, to be exact. Granted, it's not their top-of-the-line; the fender website still uses the word "Value" regarding this one. But it's certainly a step up, and, being a Fender, ought to be much better quality than the old Sunlight. So, yes, I'm excited.

Now, the day came when I traded in the $300 trumpet for the $1800 trumpet, so perhaps this won't be the final guitar along the road. But we'll let that day come of its own accord.

Friday Random 10

If anything, this list shows just how eclectic my music tastes are. . .a couple jazz standards, 1950s television, a hymn and a classical masterpiece, a folk tune and a pop song. Somehow, the bluegrass didn't show up this week.

  1. Room Song – Silers Bald
  2. Sanctus (from the Verdi Requiem) - Coro e Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
  3. Know My Heart – Sara Groves
  4. Sing to Jesus – Fernando Ortega
  5. Barney’s Hoe-Down – Original Television Soundtrack for the Andy Griffith Show
  6. Cheek to Cheek – Steve Tyrell
  7. Children of the Heavenly Father – St. Olaf Choir
  8. Let’s Fall in Love – Diana Krall
  9. Michelangelo – Emmylou Harris
  10. Cold, Cold Heart – Norah Jones


I'm still having trouble getting these blog posts to post the 1st time, what with that word verification thing. Yesterday I entered in the letters, exactly as shown in the picture, and it still rejected it three times before accepting it on the fourth. But I had to wonder - usually the letters are random combinations ("zlixhfzz," for instance). Yesterday, after the third try, the new list of letters came up as "dumazz." I had to wonder if it was trying to tell me something.

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Kim said...

Ha! If I did a top ten like this, Norah's Cold, Cold Heart would have been on it as well...I love that CD, and have been listening to it this week.

Thanks for the music store link, I'll be pricing out Roland FP-7's and 4's...and sadly, the pic of Mt. Rainier was black...perhaps it's a web cam and it's dark at this hour? LOL