Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More on el fuego

I've been following most of the coverage on the LA Times website.

And it's all so familiar. We had friends who lived in Escondido. I ran youth retreats up at Lake Arrowhead every year.

Alpine Camp and Conference Center, the Covenant Camp near Lake Arrowhead, has been evacuated, with fires less than two miles away. At the moment, it appears they were spared, but now looting is going on. The Calvary Chapel camp was apparently destroyed. Mt. Miguel Covenant Village was evacuated last night.

Now they say over 1200 homes and businesses destroyed, and that's just the beginning.

Kyrie Eleison

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Kim said...

Lord have mercy...
I'm glad Karina's family are safe. I just stare at the pictures and read the stories in disbelief - as if something like this should only happen in 3rd world countries or something, I dunno. Fire has a way of bringing humans to their knees. It's supposed to stay in the woods, ya know? Not come anywhere near homes or people. I'm so sad. Just rambling...