Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Putting on the Sports Commentator Hat

Was it just me, or was that the most boring World Series ever? No offense to the Red Sox - they showed up and played. But as far as the whole series goes? It was about as exciting as watching the leaves fall off the maple in my backyard. Where was the drama? Where was the nail-biter finish? Where was the other team?

They were saying on the radio that of the 7 playoff series this year (division championships, league championship) something like 5 were sweeps. This was the 2nd-lowest rated World Series, as far as TV-ratings go (second only to last year's).

I listened to the games off and on as I happened to be around, but it all seems like a big yawner to me. And, apparently, to most of America. (most of America outside of New England and Colorado, that would be)

End of sports commentary

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Kim said...

Yea - I was kinda waiting for Colorado to show up, too. They had some moments where they scored, but it was mostly because the Sox screwed up. I sorta wish they won a couple of games, and I feel really bad for them that they lost...but - I'm very happy the Sox won! :-)