Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congregational Response to a Sermon on the Importance of Fellowship

Or as Wainer likes to say, "Family-ship"

God calls us to this: To love each other. To care for each other.
To enjoy each other. To play together, to worship together,
to share food and drink together. God calls us to
a Community, a Family, a Fellowship. The sign that
we are God’s children is that we love each other. The sign that
Evil is defeated is a common meal shared by God’s children.

To a world that screams in the loneliness of shallow friendships
and angry families, we respond:

God is love! God loves us! And as God lives in us, we love one another.
We will love one another; we will share our lives as fellow travelers with
one another. We will enjoy each other. And God will dwell among us.

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