Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sometimes I need a reminder that I live in the boonies

Like yesterday, when I came home to find a massive maple tree lying across our driveway. Completely blocking it. We're talking 60-foot tall, 3-foot diameter trunk, lying solidly on top of my driveway.

And then this afternoon, when Doug and I walked down there to see what it would take to get it out, discovering two deer wandering through the woods. They paused to make sure we were okay, then meandered off.

They reappeared tonight when I went out to get some firewood - they stuck around long enough for me to go get Olivia and bring her out to see them. I thought that was considerate.

And truthfully the tree was a gift as well, since the news just said heating oil is going up 16%. Sometime next winter that tree will be burning in our stove, keeping us warm and keeping our oil bill lower. It's all good.

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MilePost13 said...

Hey! I found you! I really appreciate your comments on WT.com...seems we have much in common (which is rare for me there...). I'll be checking you out here.