Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stupid Criminal of the Week

I only bring it up because I must be related to the police chief in this story. . .

Robinson Rivera robbed two convenience stores [in the Delaware area] — but made one crucial mistake during his third, according to Delaware police.

Rivera, 25, went to the clerk and brandished the same note he had used in the other robberies.

"Give me your money I'll shoot you,” the note said, according to Delaware State police Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh.

According to Whitmarsh, the store’s clerk stared in disbelief at the note and said, “Are you kidding me?”

Rivera went to the register and grabbed some cash. But this time, he left his demand note behind.

The note, Whitmarsh said, sealed Rivera’s fate: It was written on a slightly torn pay stub from Rivera’s place of employment, a local bakery.

The stub showed Rivera’s last name and the name of the bakery, Whitmarsh said.

“We called him and said, ‘We gotcha,’” Whitmarsh said. “I don’t believe he put up much of an argument.”

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