Thursday, October 25, 2007

Way Up North

Up here, fall is beautifully upon us. Everywhere I look, I see the yellow of maple leaves outlined against the deep greens of cedars. We wake to fog in the bay below us, a fog that drifts through the trees and embraces us deeply. As I walk outside every morning I hear the call of ducks heading south. The smell of woodsmoke intermingles with the fog and the clean scent of rain-soaked leaves. People are back to wearing sweaters and flannel shirts. There was ice covering the puddles this morning. Our driveway is a blanket of fallen maple and magnolia leaves. We are surrounded by color, covered by fog and clouds. For those with eyes to see, the handiwork of the Master is breathtaking. Fall brings about a quietude, a simplicity, a slowing down. I look out my window and contemplate the overlap of fog and tide, mixed with knife-beams of the morning sun rising over Penrose Point to light the cove to our East. Nothing down there has changed in 50 years, and a simpler life calls us back. These are the times we must pay attention: we are in the midst of change. Summer is no longer here, winter has yet to come. Fall, like spring, is a transition. Transitions are good times to slow down and observe. The Spirit, like the world, is moving. We do well to prayerfully pay attention.

So do this: turn off the television, and go for a walk. Or sit at your window with a hot cup of tea and simply observe all that you see outside. Breathe. Pray. Light a candle and turn off the lights, gazing out at the moon shining upon a land that is closing itself up for the winter. And listen. The voice of the Spirit is speaking.

One more sign that fall is upon us: At Fred Meyer on Monday, I noticed they were selling egg-nog. But before you get too excited, it wasn't just any egg-nog. It was Pumpkin Egg-nog. I love Egg-nog, although I refuse to drink it before November, for convention's sake. But Pumpkin Egg-nog? That is just so wrong at so many levels.

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lambservant said...

Now Dan, don't knock it till you've tried it. I bought some the other day because I love pumpkin anything. The predominate flavor to me was the eggnog, the pumkin flavor mild. It was really quite good and my teenage son drank the whole carton minus the one cup I had.
I love the fall too. It's my favorite season. Autumn blessings to you!