Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did you vote? And other Tuesday morning thoughts

As Olivia and I drove up to her school this morning, I saw the "Vote Here" sign out front. I'd almost forgotten there was an election today, since I mailed my ballot off a couple weeks ago.

We didn't even get to vote on what is arguably the biggest issue in the area - the King/Pierce County Transit bill. Billions of dollars in taxes to fund light rail, replace bridges, add new highways, and pour more concrete onto the land.

I read somewhere that, even though we live in Pierce County, we've been exempted from the issue, since everybody over here is already paying for the new Tacoma Narrows bridge.

Seems like politicians made the right call on that one, although it took away from us the privilege of voting on the infamous Proposition 1.

And, of course, there were a couple other contentious issues out there that we did get to vote on, so I'll take satisfaction on that.

One more thought: this means we are now 1 year away from the 2008 presidential election, and, as of right now, I have not a clue who I would vote for, other than perhaps "none of the above."

My response to the big TV Writer's strike that's making all the headlines: Maybe with all the reruns showing, people will turn off their televisions and do something that is actually productive. Maybe some day we can thank the television writers for helping us to see how meaningless most of television is. Maybe we can thank them for breaking us of the "must-see-tv" addiction.

Wishful thinking, I know. But 20+ months into our TV-free life has got me convinced. We're so much better without it.

Finally, at the men's breakfast on Saturday we talked about the changing culture around us. I spoke to the fact that we are now in an age when a lot of people truly have no clue what churches do, what they believe, and how they worship. I tried to make the point that we offer a lot for "churched" people, but what to do with the people that wouldn't even think about entering our building, or, if they did, would have no idea why we sing, why we stand and sit, why we pray, why we listen to that guy up front go on and on about the Bible.

Then I read Lori's account of her co-worker who had no clue who Billy Graham is. And had no idea what an evangelist is. Of course, her excuse is classic: "I'm only 26."

I think that story needs to be told at every church revitalization seminar, just to help us get a grasp on how far the divide has opened between church and non-church folks.

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