Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Season of Our Discontent

If you are the praying type,

Since October 18, we've had at least one person sick in our household. More often it's been two or three sick at the same time. For a brief moment, it was all four of us who had it. Olivia has missed about 10 days of school in that time. I think the girls have made it to church once in the last month. And it just won't seem to go away. They come almost all the way back. . .and then wake up coughing and hacking, or with ear infections or swollen throats.

And, it appears that Humby the Happy Goldfish is in his last day with us. He's doing the floating-upside-down, sinking-to-the-bottom, listless-shaking, death-throes thing. He's been with us since long before we left Turlock, making the drive up to Washington in the back of the Jeep, keeping Scottie and me company along the way. So he's pretty special to Olivia.

We could use a little health and encouragement at the moment.

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Kim said...

Oh Dan, I'm so sorry you're all feeling so poorly. I will say a prayer for all of you tonight, and for little Olivia who will be mourning Humby in the near future. We recently lost Bruce the betta a month ago. We bought him for Grandma 2 Christmases ago, and then she got sick and couldn't keep him, so we took him in, and we lost Grandma in May, and well - when Brucie died, it was a real bummer for the kids.

They wouldn't let me flush him. I guess I'm sort of embarassed to admit that I wanted to flush him instead of dig a hole somewhere, but in the end we did have a proper burial for him in the back yard.