Saturday, November 24, 2007

Speaking of Black Friday

I need someone with more tech savvy than I have to make a movie for me. It could be pretty short; nothing more difficult than what your average 15-year old kid posts on youtube.

It would only require two clips, to be played back and forth and back and forth 10 times or so.

Clip One: Lemmings running down the hill and jumping off a cliff
Clip Two: Shoppers rampaging the mall on the day after Thanksgiving.
Soundtrack: The Benny Hill Song

There you have it. Make that, and the point should be obvious.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Yea, but Dan - the lemmings don't get to save $140 on a new GPS system! Let's face it - the underprivileged people of this world NEED to line up and stampede on Black Friday. How else would they ever be able to afford all those necessary tech items for their poor kids? Depriving a kid of an iPod. Really. What sort of meanie are you, anyway?

Loved your labels...