Monday, November 19, 2007

Trouble in Mars Hill Land

The Seattle Times reported today that two pastors have been fired from Mars Hill, the uber-hip, always controversial mega church headed by Mark Driscoll over in Seattle. The firings have caused a certain amount of dissension. The Church says they were fired for "displaying an unhealthy mistrust of Church leadership" and "verbally attacking the lead pastor." Some people in the congregation think the two were fired because "they challenged proposed changes in church structure that . . . would consolidate power in the hands of top church leaders."

One of those pastors is Bent Meyer, who has been with the church for over ten years. Bent led the youth program at our church when I was in high school. He was the last youth leader I had before heading off to college. I went to his daughter's wedding down in Southern California (In fact, she was my date at one of my college's formals). He is still a good friend of my father's. And I've always known him to be a man of integrity and humility. Certainly, I can't imagine the church's accusations to be true of him.

So, it could be a simple matter of misperception. Or the water just might be getting muddy over there. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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