Friday, December 21, 2007

And one more inspiring story

Last Sunday I announced that this coming Sunday's offering would be given, in its entirety, to a disaster relief fund at a sister church in Aberdeen, to help people who have suffered so much since the storms hit Washington a few weeks ago. After the service Sarah W and Sarah T, two of our more energetic and precocious junior high girls, came up to me and told me they wanted to do a fundraiser to collect money for disaster relief.

If you spend any time in ministry leadership, you get these all the time. People come with great ideas (usually when you're really busy) and expect you to jump on in and make their ideas happen. So most pastors learn the art of reflection: "That's a great idea. Why don't you make it happen and keep me informed." 90% of the time nothing ever comes of it (until they decide to fire you, claiming that you "never listen to our ideas!", but that's another story).

So imagine my surprise when Sarah and Sarah told me Wednesday night that they were doing a bake sale at the Peninsula Market, and could they borrow a table and coffee pot to heat up water for hot chocolate?

I stopped by and saw them on Thursday, following the men's breakfast, and there they were, miserably cold but laughing and goofing off as only Junior High girls can do. They had a table full of cookies they had made the night before. They had a huge poster announcing that this was a Disaster Relief Bake Sale. And they already had a bucket-full of money. Even local politician Al Yanity stopped by and donated to the cause.

This morning, Sara W.'s mom stopped in with the money they raised, which amounted to a little over $200. And they did it all of their own initiative. They did all the work. And I think they even enjoyed themselves.

That is the spirit of Christmas. Even more, that is the Spirit of Christ at work among His Children. Sarah and Sarah have been an inspiration to me this year, reminding me of all that is good about God's people and this community. So this is a public Shout-Out to the Sarahs (squared). You are wonderful, amazing young ladies who God has used to bless people who are suffering. I am proud of you, more proud than I can say.

Now, can I clone you two? With a few more like you, we could change the world.

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