Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Couple O Things

Classic King FM is streaming Christmas music 24/7. And you can bet that it's going to be quality Christmas music, based on the source. . .

Go to your Itunes song list, or your Windows Media Player song list, or whatever you use to organize your digital music files. Have it sort your music by song titles. Then tell me what song you have the most versions of.

I ask because my #1 song is Silent Night, of which I have 16 different versions listed.
- Bing Crosby
- Brass Mosaic
- City of London Sinfonia
- The Carpenters
- Harry Connick, jr
- John Denver
- John Doan (2 versions)
- Nat King Cole
- Sara Maclachlan
- Selah
- Thomas Moore
- Kathleen Battle
- New York Choral Artists
- Michael Pritzl/Jenny Gullen
- Tom Howard


Speaking of Christmas Music, does anybody want a free copy of Kathy Mattea's Christmas album, Joy for Christmas Day? I bought it a couple years ago and it just doesn't do anything for me, except for making me want to turn it off.


The intelligence of a child: On the way into Seattle last night, Olivia piped up from the back seat, "Daddy, I know how to spell YMCA."


Speaking of Seattle and Christmas music, last night was the Canadian Brass concert at Benaroya Hall. Olivia and I joined my brother Michael for a nice dinner, followed by the two hour brass extravaganza. The CB were superb, the musical selections were rich and broad, the night was a blend of high baroque art and typical CB silliness. Only 2 of the original 5 players remain, but the three who have joined are all very capable (if perhaps lacking a little of the CB quirkiness). From a cell phone ringtone medley to Frosty melting on stage, from Bach to Peter Schickile, the group covered a lot of bases, entertaining adults and kids alike. Truly a wonderful way to usher in the final week before Christmas.

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