Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Crazy Weekend

This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, since Andy Larsen was visiting. That meant no sermon to write, no Confirmation Class to prepare for. A nice holiday break.

Then I ended up leading a funeral on Saturday. It was, if I dare say, a fun one. Not that funerals are fun, mind you, and I mean no disrespect to those who are grieving in these days. I just find that funerals are more enjoyable when, in one moment, the Gospel is being presented, and in the next, people are telling stories about the deceased starting street brawls, and saying "he was a great S.O.B." Things like that keep life in perspective -we're all part-saint and part-sinner, and God alone is righteous and holy. Yet God loves us in spite of our warts and foibles. So I appreciated the opportunity to step into that place on Saturday and preach the Gospel to some people, many of whom are far, far away from knowing the power of the that Gospel.

Of course, as many of you know, the weather played a factor, too. I was slowly making my way through the day when Olivia ran out of her room to announce that it was snowing. That precipitated a mad rush to get out the door, in case the drive over to the cemetery took longer than expected. Sure enough, snow was falling hard and heavy most of the way, but combined with the Christmas music I was listening to, it made for a very pleasant drive.

And then, Sunday it just kept coming. Our worship leader's car in a snow-filled ditch. Andy slipping and sliding on his way over from Bellevue. Based on attendance numbers, it appears more than a few decided to stay home, rather than face the snow. But it was still a good morning, filled with wonderful stories of what God is doing among the Muslim people through people such as Andy. And for those who have been here for more than 2 years, it was a good reunion with Andy, since he had served at this church in the year before I came. In spite of the weather, it turned out well.

And for those far and near who have been watching the news, people to the north, south, east, and west of us were hit hard by the rains yesterday, but we seem to have been spared out here on the Key Peninsula. I did see one tree across the road over by the brand-new Costco in Gig Harbor. Other than that, it was just another rainstorm for us.

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