Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So we've been having this little oil problem in the trusty Accord lately. As in, I've been putting in a couple quarts every few weeks.

Plus it was time to have the brakes fixed, and the suspension is squeaking. Into the shop we went yesterday.

Then cometh the phone call.

"You need a new motor in this car."

That, connected with the brakes and suspension problem. . .let's just say all told it would cost more to fix the car than the car is worth.

So, I think the family is going to be in the market for a new car very soon.

Here's what we would like:
- seats 6 or more
- gets great gas mileage and (hence) is good for the environment
- is capable of towing a pop-up trailer
- costs less than a year of college

Anybody have any suggestions?


anya leah said...

well, i'm not the person to be asking about the car thang. my parental units own and love their honda pilot. it's a nice ride. and that's all i have to offer.

well, so sorry that i didn't track you down when i was up yonder. truth is, i didn't know how to contact you and haven't heard from you guys so...i wouldn't have known where to search for you. i just spent a few days with kirk in the city and we talked about you guys a bit...which inspired me to use the vast internet to hunt you down. lo' and behold, here you are.

yes, i'd love to catch up. i've often missed your familia. my prayers are with you this Christmas!

i may be up in seattle as early as february again for an interview at Mars Hill. if not then, it'll be march.

catch you soon!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking it's time for a new car myself - and I think mine is older than yours. Still, it's in good working condition, fairly new parts inside, just needs a new spedometer. I'll sell it to you cheap! :-) (Susan again)