Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Way Early Promo

I had lunch today with a couple other pastors from the Key Peninsula. We've been meeting for the last year or so, and have decided to form the "Key Peninsula Ministerial Association." Which basically means we have lunch once a month and we have a name.

It looks like we're going to combine forces next March and do a series of Community-Wide services for Holy Week, rather than each church doing their own thing. So we'll have a Community Maundy Thursday service, hosted by the KP Lutheran Church. And a Community Good Friday prayer vigil facilitated by the Longbranch Community Church. And a Community Easter Sunrise Service at Penrose Point State Park, hosted by Lakebay Community Church (that's us. . .).

I'm excited about the opportunity to worship together with all the fine folks from the various churches, as well as the chance to send the message to the community that we're really all the same church; we just meet in different buildings.

Look for a flyer soon. Well, after Christmas and Epiphany, anyway.

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