Monday, January 14, 2008

Just an observation, is all

We live in an area without traffic lights. The nearest one is about 12 miles away, and the next is 5 beyond that. To get most places we head out on the highway, which takes us onto the freeway. All of two traffic lights passed through. To get to my parents over in North Seattle, we go through no more than 6 traffic lights. That's 80 miles away, give or take. As a comparison, I used to go thr0ugh 6 lights to get from home to the office, back when I lived in Turlock. That was about four miles.

So we get used to living without traffic lights, we get used to going where we are going without stopping too much.

And I never really realized the difference until today, when we had to get from Silverdale to Bremerton and we took surface streets rather than the highway. And we sat at light, after light, after light, after light (note to Bremertonian leadership: Is it all that difficult to synchronize your traffic lights?) after light, after light, after light.

But I'm wondering which way this goes. Is it that we've gotten too used to not having lights, and thus are just sourpusses for being bothered when we do have to wait at them, or is it that everybody else has gotten so used to them that they have forgotten to be irritated at sitting still all day, when they could be doing something so much better?


Anonymous said...

I have to sit at a number of lights on my way to & from work (& don't get me started on school zones & busses). And I am irritated at every light. Some of us don't get used to them.
Of course, if I WANT to stop at a light so I can grab something in my purse, they are all green all the way. Go figure. (Susan)

Brad Boydston said...

We have traffic lights here, too. But people don't seem to get too annoyed with them or whether they're in sync with each other. If it's not the color they want they ignore them. No worries.