Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shiny New Things

Last month I mentioned we were in the market for a new car. Our "wish list" included the following:

- seats 6 or more
- gets great gas mileage and (hence) is good for the environment
- is capable of towing a pop-up trailer
- costs less than a year of college

Personally, I didn't think such a vehicle existed. Somehow the first and third items always seem to negate the second and fourth. So I didn't really expect to get what I wanted.

Until, after hours of internet searching, we discovered this:

It's a Kia Rondo. Seats 7. Gets around 27 mpg. Costs much less than a Honda or Toyota or Nissan or Ford or Chrysler or just about anything else (unless you count the new $2500 car they just unveiled in India, but that one didn't quite fit our needs). And would tow a small pop-up, if need be. And the warranty can't be beat - 10 year, 10,000 miles.

So say hello to our new car (note: this picture is representative of the Kia Rondo, and does not show the actual car that we purchased, as we haven't taken it to the desert yet).

Fun Story related to the new car
We took one daughter and the niece and nephew when we went car shopping on Monday. After we bought the car, I  drove the Kia home with the 3 kids. About 5 miles north of home (Key Center, for the locals), one of the three kids decided they were carsick and suddenly puked. The car had less than 50 miles on it, and I had a kid barfing all over the back.

Does it make me a horrible dad and uncle if I turned around and was relieved to find they had only thrown up on themselves and their car seat, and not on the new car?


Adam said...

does this mean you're giving up on the dream of owning a mini-van?

Kent said...

That's the good thing about Korean cars. They used to be pretty shoddy so nobody trusts them but now they're on par with other imports but they still have to sell for less and give a warranty for people to want to buy. Ergo you get a good deal.

Kim said...

Lemmeknow how you like it. We're on the verge of trading in my mom-mobile (Plymouth Grand Voyager) for a Honda Odyssey...well, I hope so, I really want one. Glen's saying Dodge...I want a Honda!

My brother has a Kia minivan, though, and he loves it. Maybe it's worth a peek.

Lori said...

Nice looking car Dan. I had a friend at my last job who got a 2003 Kia Rio in mint condition for only $5000. It's a peach of a car and nice looking too. Congatulations!

Anonymous said...

Love the story of the kids in the back! We can definately relate!!! Friends of ours has a Kia SUV, after getting used to how it drives compared to the Chev. Blazer they had previously had, they now love it!!! Congratulations!